The Demented World

To make it easier to read, here are the parts of The Demented World, organized by chronological order. Enjoy?


    1. Books
    2. Corners
    3. The Lictor
    4. The Demented
    5. The King
    6. The Edge of Everyone
    7. Books – Reprise
    8. The Question
    9. The Dismantled
    10. Give In
    11. Core
    12. Fear the Wings
    13. The Might Have Been Man (Guest Post by Yanai Sened)
    14. Core of Cold
    15. The Crimson Rope
    16. The Void, On Fire
    17. Through a Storm
    18. Followed
    19. The Spoke of Gut
    20. Lay of the Land
    21. Birthing Storms
    22. Clouds
    23. The Garden
    24. The World; the world; the word


    1. One Place (Part I)
    2. Second Place (Part II)
    3. Third Place (Part III)

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