Recently / Eden Kupermintz

אוי, כמה שאני אוהב את השיר הזה. מלא. מלא. כמעט כמו את הדס.


It has recently come to my attention
that raindrops are a dissertation
on the joys of life.
Ever since that moment of revelation
I am succumbed by a palpitation
that shakes my heart.

Although I am confronted by many situations
I can see that all are a progression
towards a boundless joy.
On this track of manifestation
I am drawn as a machination
that shakes their heart.

By the end I will be met by an incarnation
of a being that, in agitation,
will ask me of my joy.
At that place of deliberation
I shall delve into my imagination
and reply:
“It is her heart!

My joy is her heart!”

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