Shaman / Eden Kupermintz

To weave a net
he must look back
but to break the film
over his inner eye,
he must needs to fall into the sky.

To sing a tale
he must look hard
but to cast the cloak
over his weary shoulder,
he must needs die to grow older.

To paint his face
he must look far
but to mix the dye
that shines with stars,
he must needs define that which mars.

To forge this life
he must look bold
but to walk the road
that’s his by birth,
he must needs love this fickle earth.

2 thoughts on “Shaman / Eden Kupermintz”

    1. שאלה טובה. אני חושב שכתבתי את השיא חשבתי על העשן של המדורה או אולי על הטקס של השאמאן. מה אתה אומר?

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